Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye is an illustration done for Toom extra - Book: Season One. 

Toom extra is
 a social blog created by three wonderful and talented people Rana, Samah and Tony.
In their writings, they criticize or encourage common unique Lebanese habits, activities, news, actions and traditions in a style filled with both humor and sarcasm.
The book contains a selection of their best 30 posts and each post is illustrated by 30 different Lebanese artists/illustrators. I took part in this intriguing collection of posts and illustrations and worked on the post Hayda Jawna.


  1. beautiful work! your techniques are very good

  2. About time :) Been seeing some stuff you do on facebook but blogs are always better. Keep it up :) I'll be following you!

  3. Rodrigue it was a pleasure working with you and most of all meeting you yesterday. Hope will have the opportunity to meet you and work with you soon. Thank you.

  4. good job Rodrigue!

  5. thank you all for the support:)